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Deck sealing Service – Westchester NY


Deck Maintenance, Staining, and Cleaning Services

Quality deck stain and sealer penetrates the wood grain and seals it.

A deck sealer is typically a clear or transparent finish that penetrates into the wood or forms a clear film on top. Most often, deck sealer is applied to work in conjunction with deck stain.

Stain will never chip or peel or crack. Its a fact your deck wood swell and shrink. Here in Westchester, your deck has to contend with the blazing summer sun and freezing winter temperatures. You want to give it room to breathe.

Before you stain your deck it is best to have the deck cleaned to remove any debris sitting on top of the wood. Our power washing team will clean and sand the deck to remove any remaining stain, sealant, dirt or grime. Power washing looks easy but it is a job best done by a professional company. Power washers are powerful tools. I hate coming out to a home to see the damage caused by a DYI power washing project gone wrong. The damage can be extreme and can be equally hard to amend.

Why choose Westchester
Wash and Seal?

  • We offer complete decking staining & sealing services.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Benefits of staining & sealing your deck include

  • Protects wood from mosture
  • Allows wood to swell and shrink through the seasons


Some customers we have spoken with think that a deck sealer and a deck stain are the same product. They are not in actuality, they are two different products. Sure, they both share the same purpose in general terms, to preserve and protect the wood of your deck or porch, but there are some significant differences between them.

Most often, we use sealers or stains to protect exterior wood from the elements. We are talking about decks, wood siding, fences, porches, pergolas and so on need a protective coating to keep from weathering too fast.

Deck seal helps to lock out moisture and reduce water intrusion. Unwanted moisture can lead to fungal growth and wood rot, so it is crucial in reducing the chances of jeopardizing the wood’s longevity.

Our team will be happy to help you select the ideal deck sealing product for your home!

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Client Testimonials
We care what our customers think of us and so should you.

I’ve used other power washing companies in Westchester and Westchester Wash and Seal is far and away not only my favorite power washing company to work with – but also the most talented and professional! Last summer they restored my deck which was covered in mildew, making it look better than it ever has, and they did it all with the best price I found! This year they power washed my Westchester home and walkways! Thanks for the great job Jim!

Matt F.
Mount Vernon, NY

I tried Westchester Wash and Seal this spring for my pre-summer clean up. They did power washing on my house. I have to say, the work they did was fast and high-quality. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know.

Joseph D.
Harrison, NY

I’ve been a loyal customer for years. They do so much more than power washing and sealing decks – they also deliver some of the finest customer service found anywhere. I’ve had them strip wallpaper inside my home and paint my garden fence, all the work they do always looks incredible!

Amanda R.
Rye, NY

Westchester Wash and Seal is the most reliable power washing service I’ve ever used, and I feel like I’ve used them all over the years – we have always gotten our home power-washed  after the winter! My pavers and siding look BRAND NEW!

Carrie C.
White Plains, NY