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By adding a roof cleaning to your home’s care plan will ensure the largest working system on or in your home, it’s the roof, is free and clear from harmful mold, mildew and fungus.

Aside from the obvious financial benefit of avoiding roof replacement for years or even decades, there are many other advantages to scheduling regular roof cleanings.

Don’t ignore roof stains. With a gentle, eco-friendly wash costly roof repairs can be avoided BEFORE any permanent damage to your roof occurs. Here in Westchester County, there is no question, a strong roof is a necessity! But a roof replacement is nothing to rush into when a roof cleaning or roof cleaning may be all your roof needs to add years to its life span and at a fraction of the cost.

#1 Insurance companies are aware of the damage poor roof maintenance causes and may cancel policies or refuse to pay in cases where roof failure may have resulted from poor roof care.

#2 A clean roof will increase your home’s value.

#3 In the eyes of prospective buyers; a dirty looking roof has been known to make buyers shy away from investing in a home as an algae-covered roof looks like one that will soon need replacing.

#4 Save on energy bills! That’s right! A roof covered with algae, moss etc. is not efficiently reflecting sunlight. The algae-covered shingles are actually absorbing the sun’s heat, and literally baking your attic and increasing your cooling costs.
– A soft wash will safely, gently, and completely remove the stains on your deck and all the unhealthy growth causing it. Roof cleaning stops lichens, algae and moss from feeding off the organic material in your shingles. These pets look to your shingles for food; the more time they have to hang out and grow on your roof the more time they have to eat your shingles.

#5 Stop Alge, lichens and/or moss. Over time these pets will eat right through your shingles and into your roof deck causing wood rot.

#6 Roof cleaning stops wood rot before it starts! Once wood starts to rot moisture will have an easy root into your home. Damp, dark and perfect for mold growth!

#7 Roof washing your roof will make your roof look brand new again and make your property look better too!

#8 Roof cleaning cost a fraction of a roof replacement!

#9 For homeowners with slate roofs a roof cleaning is a great way to keep the slate healthy!

#10 Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements and therefore it takes the brunt of the UV sun damage. Make a roof cleaning part of your maintenance and cleaning plan and extend the life of your roof significantly!

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