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Paver Cleaning & Care Westchester County, NY

westchester ny paver careWinter in Westchester can leave its mark on your outdoor areas. Unfortunately, this means that your once pristine, bright pavers have been exposed to harsh, abrasive elements for months. Even worse, the rest of your property’s look and feel is brought down right along with it.

Our professional exterior home cleaning team knows a thing or two about cleaning pavers, patios, brick, and stone scapes, and we are happy to impart our hard-won wisdom to you. First, with pavers, it is always best to lean on the know-how of professionals.

While many products say this or that about how great they are and how simple they are to use…the truth is pavers are finicky. We get more calls to correct failed attempts at paver cleaning than the homeowners on the other end of the phone, or we would like to admit.

A battle-tested professional team is your best option when it comes to restoring, refacing, or replacing pavers.

Read articles about cleaning your pavers closely, and you will see what we mean. For example, “Power washing them is ok BUT…” “Use sealant,” But when? Which one? How much? Etc. “Clear the area, prep the stones, and on and on.” And really, these articles are convoluted for a reason.


Pavers are complicated; several factors must be considered before a cleaning and care plan can be implemented.

Our advice – on how to clean your pavers:

Professional Patio Cleaning- Save Time and Money

Rather than investing in store-bought products and tools that have to be tested on an area first, with no; guarantee of success, call on a professional team. Pros like us save homeowners valuable time and money and will get the job done right the first time.

My team has been working in Westchester since 2006; in this time, we have seen it all and have learned the best ways to handle stains, sinking pavers, plant growth, poor drainage, trip hazards, leaning edges, efflorescence and other common issues. I can say without question that when it comes to cleaning, repairing or refacing Pavers here in Westchester, no other team brings what mine does to the table.

We have extensive knowledge of the best products and equipment to use in any number of common (and uncommon) paver stain situations. So whether you’re dealing with oil, rust, mildew, or tannin—all of which can eventually penetrate the seal of your pavers—we can make them look new once again.

Increase Your Property Value

Making your pavers pop again with a clean, vibrant color will increase the value of your home, restore curb appeal, and add to your overall enjoyment of your home.

You are also providing a cleaner, safer environment for you, your family, and your guests, who you will now feel comfortable inviting over again.

Experience You Can Count On

We have been cleaning and sealing pavers and patios since our founding. While cleaning and caring for your pavers and patio is not necessarily a fun or easy job… it’s certainly an important one.

Our Paver Cleaning & Care Service:

  • Paver Cleaning
    We specialize in cleaning pavers. Our first step is always a paver inspection, done at the time of the estimate. Together we will determine the problem areas and best paver cleaning method for your home.
  • Paver Sealing
    There are several good paver sealing products on the market. After we have cleaned your patio, pavers or walkway, we will determine the best product for the sealing phase of the project based on a series of environmental factors.
  • Patio Cleaning & Sealing
    We offer comprehensive patio cleaning and sealing services that include pool areas, walkways, and deck landings often, we are even asked to clean patio furniture at the start and end of the summer season.

We are licensed insured professionals in Westchester, a locally owned, family-run business.

We are invested in our community and committed to serving you. Our team is happy to review all the options available to you at the time of your estimate. Together we will inspect your pavers and determine the best course of cleaning and sealing for them. Call us to set up an appointment for a free estimate. You have our guarantee that we will return your pavers to their original luster.