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Mold, mildew, algae, dirt, and many other harmful contaminants can become embedded in your home’s siding if you do not wash it regularly.

These contaminants don’t just look bad from the curb – they also are destructive and can undermine the integrity of your home’s siding, your driveways seal, pavers function, concrete walls and walkways fortitude.

At Westchester Wash and Seal we employ a team of Power Washing experts, we arm them with the finest power washing material and know-how available today, and the outcome speaks for itself. When you combine quality tools and expert craftsmanship good things happen! In this case to the surfaces of your home!

We can safely powerwash nearly all homes siding including vinyl, aluminum, brick, wood, stucco, cedar, and more.

We use professional grade power washers and ecologically-friendly industrial strength cleaners to remove algae, dirt, and grime off of your concrete, pavers, and stonework. Power washing will ensure your home looks great not only across the street but at your front door.

Many people only consider power washing their entryways and sidewalks, but have you thought about your siding, roof, deck, patio, pool area or driveway? You won’t believe what a big difference it will make from your home’s curb appeal to its health!

After power washing, we protect your surfaces with a waterproof sealant to prevent future buildup and grime, ensuring your home not only looks beautiful but stays that way!

Westchester Wash and Seal’s owner Jim Henson has been in the Power Washing business here in Westchester for 11 years now – he will be happy to answer any questions you may have and loves joining homeowners on site to discuss projects specifics.

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