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Westchester Pressure Washing Service – We can Help Winterize Your Home

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Now that fall is here, we are all getting ready for the leaves to come down and after that, the snow. There is no better time then just before the temperature dips to have the outside of your home cleaned, your outdoor furniture stored away and shrink wrapped and your property properly winterized.

At Westchester Wash and Seal, our team can help clean all exterior surfaces around your home, including your homes, siding, roof cleaning, deck cleaning & restoration, driveway, patio & paver cleaning, playground equipment, outdoor furniture and others still!

Why we recommend Winterization + Pre-Season Cleaning

You may be wondering why we are so keen on preemptive cleaning. Well, a leaf is a leaf until it is a stain. Winter is around the corner and in the North-east winter comes with a wild freeze-thaw cycle, and dirt, grime and natural debris are commonly transformed. We are all about fresh and clean and the best way to ensure your home looks great during the summer is to make sure it heads into Winter that way. Your home and its most popular areas like your deck, patio and front walkways will be exponentially easier to maintain come spring! 

westchester exterior cleaningThanksgiving and Christmas will be different this year. 

Many families plan to host smaller socially distant gatherings (outside if the weather allows); this is another reason why keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy is so high on our home maintenance recommendation list this year.

Our cleaning practices are all Eco-Friendly. 

Here at Westchester Wash and Seal, we are environmentally conscious, and only use the highest quality non-toxic chemicals that will not harm your children, pets, or lawn! 

You will be impressed with how incredible your home and landscape will look after they’re freshly soft or power-washed. Our maintenance and cleaning services are designed around the needs of Westchester homes. We are working to build our reputation as Fairfield County’s– go-to home maintenance team. 

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning & Storage Westchester County

Many homeowners wonder if they should have their outdoor furniture or patio cleaned?  We can help there to; we partner with Westchester County homeowners and complete a wide range of professional outdoor cleaning services, including furniture cleaning services.

Our mission is to provide Westchester County homeowners the finest power-washing, painting, and sealing service found anywhere. Fairfield Wash and Seal Inc. has been serving the greater Westchester County community since 2006. We’re locally-owned and operated; we invite you to expect more from our team. We pride ourselves on offering the most exceptional customer service anywhere! 

Westchester Wash and Seal is proud to be a family-owned and operated small business! Power washing can turn back the hands of time—you have to see it to believe it. Even after a decade and a half in the industry, we’re still surprised by how great a newly cleaned house, patio or driveway can look. Want to learn more about our services and company? Contact us today!


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